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Moot Court

        Mahrishi College of Law believes in active mooting for every law student as our mooting culture involves a lot of opportunities for students to conduct meticulous and in-depth research. We provide our students with hands-on experience in dispute settlement while practicing. We have an experienced team of faculty members to prepare our students to achieve success in Moot Court Competitions at the national and international levels, as part of our academic

We are aimed to provide global exposure to our students and to help them nurture their abilities. It is made possible by making our students future-proof and up to date with the industry. It is important for a law student to stay aware of the manners and rules of the court and how to apply the law to become a successful lawyer.

Our Moot Court is like a laboratory for our law students where they can test their theoretical knowledge into real-life scenarios. Mahrishi College of Law promotes continuous training for law students to make the above objectives possible. The competitions are held by various law schools and universities across India. We conduct 2 compulsory classes every week on Moot Court as it is a very important part of our law college.

About Moot Court

For those who don’t know, Moot Court is actually an extracurricular activity that students participate in. This way, we conduct simulated court proceedings involving oral argument as well as drafting memorials or briefs. It is a process of learning legal skills and law which helps students to argue and analyze from both sides of legal matters. It is completely based on fabricated legal issues, instead of real submitting evidence and witnesses’ testimony.

Our Moot Court Committee is entrusted to administer mooting activities and to uphold the process with excellence. We have airy and fully furnished Moot Court Hall.

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