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        Mahrishi College of Law is striving hard constantly to keep offering top quality legal training and education to students. In this age of competition, there is a significant advancement in legal education during modern times. Law education has been in constant demand among students who want to achieve a professional degree and there is a great need for degree holders in the professional market. Our educational institute has adopted innovative methodologies to encourage a multi-disciplinary approach as well as a practical appreciation of issues.
Their teaching methodologies consist of Guest Lectures, Lectures, Seminars, Discussions, Moot Courts, Case Studies, and Project Work. The college follows innovative teaching patterns and eminent practicing advocates and scholars of law will be providing guidance, teaching, and interacting with students. Our students also get guidance from experts and social activists and interact with their multi-disciplinary activities.
The core objective of the college is to prepare competent and active members of the legal system and the college is also expecting to assimilate and advance knowledge of legal processes and knowledge of the law in national development. We have faculties of high caliber to conduct effective teaching. The Bar Council of India has offered the course curriculum which includes both theoretical and practical learning.