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        The library is known to be the soul of any educational institution and plays a very vital role in the overall growth of knowledge among students. Both the library and education go hand in hand as an indispensable part of our education system. The library is a focal part of learning, teaching, and research by providing different information materials. It has always been the heart and soul for providing legal information at Mahrishi College of Law.
Along with the libraries, books have also been a source of inspiration for our students. They play a vital role in the overall emotional and intellectual growth of students. Both the library and society share a give and take relationship. In return, libraries get back the manifold. Hence, the library is known to be a developing and growing source of information. In this day and age, libraries have also been upgraded like every other thing in this world.
It has become a digital or electronic library from a traditional one. With all these things in mind, Mahrishi College of Law has acknowledged this changing role by introducing a modern library. We have a treasure of information collected over a decade. Our library has come a long way in terms of services and knowledge resources. In order to promote e-learning, we have computers with printers and projectors.

Our Collection of Information in Library

Our library welcomes both students and academicians as a hub for knowledge. At Mahrishi College of Law, our library has over 800 books, including Indian and foreign law journals, Law Reports, and Law books. We also expand our collection by up to 10% every year. Hence, our students can find a huge range of Law Journals and Books. We also have an integrated and automated library interface. We also offer daily newspapers and journals to our students. Here are some of our top reports and journals –

  • All India Reporter

  • Supreme Court Cases

  • Supreme Court Cases (Weekly)

  • Indian Law Reports

  • Karnataka Law Journal

  • SC Criminal Digest

  • Income Tax Reporter

  • All England Law Reports

  • International Law Reports

  • Company Cases

  • National Law School of India Review

  • Indian Bar Review

  • Library Rules for Students
  • Students are required to carry both their Library Card and Identity Card. Library card is valid for 1 year and a new one is issued every year. The cost of a library card is Rs.150 for each.

  • Students must maintain peace and don’t disturb other students in the library.

  • Books are issued for only one week for self-reading against duly filled and signed demand slip. Prescribed text books and reference books are available in the reading hall. Encyclopedia, dictionaries, AIR, Journals, and other reference books should be used during working hours in the library only.

  • Students shouldn’t mark library books with ink or pencil. Books found in a mutilated or damaged condition must be reported to the librarian at the time of the issue. If not done, the reader shall be held liable for the same. Students have to compensate by paying the total cost of a book for the damage if damaged or mutilated books are found.

  • Students shall be held liable to pay fines for the late return of Rs. 20/- per day after the due date.

  • Only one book will be issued to the students at a time for self-reading. Students should ensure entry of return in their presence.


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